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Why the green economy needs a Marlboro man

04 Aug Posted by in Uncategorized | 1 comment
Why the green economy needs a Marlboro man

Carrying a reusable shopping bag isn’t manly. Drinking out of an aluminum water bottle is for chicks. Hybrid cars? Not if you have balls. A broad study unpacking “the green gap” (the difference between our intentions and our actions around sustainable living) found that men tend to see green as girly, effete, and elitist.

You may know the Don’t Mess With Texas tagline as a bumper sticker or a T-shirt, but its origins are a masterful anti-litter campaign for the lone star state. Television ads featured country music singers and pro football players talking up the values of keeping their beloved state clean. It connected sustainable values with masculinity. Guess what? Littering on Texas highways decreased by 70 percent in five years.

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  1. Victoria Carranza08-07-12

    It’s no wonder sometimes we feel as if we are hitting our heads against the wall as environmentalists. We must talk to the audience from a microphone that they want to hear out of, not what is sounding through our own heads everyday… pump up the masculine values in a region that resonates with that. It’s all about resonating…

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